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Cryptogents TOS


CryptoGents Terms of Service.

1. Respect others, even if they don't have the same experience level as you.

2. No self-promoting in any of the CryptoGents groups unless permission has been given by a staff member of CryptoGents.

3. No unnecessary spamming or tagging people in any of the CryptoGents groups.

4. No racism/harassing talk towards other members under any circumstances.

5. Don’t unwillingly dm people, if this happens to you, contact CryptoGents in the reports channel or via

6. Posting any harmful links or files will result in a permanent ban from the CryptoGents server. This includes termination of any active premium memberships.

7. Don't state unnecessary statements like ''scammers'' or ''fake'' without a good reason. If there are any complaints about the services CryptoGents offers, you can leave a well-thought review on one of the official CryptoGents sites.

8. Everything said in the official CryptoGents server shall not be taken as financial advice, CryptoGents is not responsible for any losses of any kind.

9. Your membership is active as long as CryptoGents is active, lifetime may mean 50 years, but, it could also mean 5 years or less.

10. CryptoGents is able to terminate a premium membership if there is a good reason to do so.


Even though this is a paid service, not obeying these rules will get you muted or may result in a ban. 

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